Postnatal Exercise Coaching

Too many moms make the mistake of not doing the right kind of exercise after delivering and jump back into their pre-pregnancy routine, because they desperately want to lose the baby weight. The right kind of exercise program will safely rebuild your strength and lay the perfect foundation for success (including getting rid of the “mommy tummy”).

Postpartum consultations are very thorough and include:

  • Review of your present and past exercise routines, needs, medical history, pregnancy/delivery information, postpartum issues/concerns, etc.
  • Diastasis Recti check
  • Review of important information related to exercising after pregnancy
  • Ample time to discuss your questions and concerns
  • Creation of a workout plan that you can follow to recover from pregnancy/childbirth, strengthen your core and ease back into a regular exercise routine
  • Nutrition Guidance

Training Sessions

One hour training sessions catered to your stage of pregnancy. Sessions can be private or semi-private (3 expecting moms). Depending on location, prenatal exercise consultations and training sessions are either done in-person (at your home or outdoor location close by) or via Skype. (group discount rates available call for pricing)


Hourly Rate: $45/hr | 10 Sessions: $40/hr | 30 Sessions: $35/hr

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