Wraps & Baby Carriers

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Types of Carriers

Stretchy Wrap

Stretchy wraps are made of knitted fabrics such as jersey or interlock. The stretch wraps on the market range from a little stretchy to very stretchy and are made in a variety of fibers. Moby Wrap and Boba are two examples of stretchy wraps, and Wrapsody’s WrapDuO is another example of a stretchy wrap. These are ideal for newborn or smaller babies.

Woven Wrap

A woven wrap is a long piece of fabric woven specifically to carry a baby. A wrap is one of the most versatile carriers. It is one that will grow with your baby and can be worn on the front, hip, back and you can even nurse in a wrap. Woven wraps are specially woven to have exceptional performance as baby carriers, offering strength, breathability, just the right amount of diagonal stretch, and the right texture for holding the baby securely. They are individually adjustable and if used properly, a wrap will always support your child in the correct healthy spread squatting position, regardless of being worn in front, back, or on your hip.

Ring Sling

Ring slings are one shoulder carriers – a piece of cloth threaded through rings; they are used primarily for hip or tummy to tummy front carries (experienced wearers can back carry an older baby/toddler with a ring sling). Ring slings are a good choice for someone looking for a quick and compact carrier.

Buckle Carrier – Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)

Buckle Carriers are soft bodied carriers that have buckle waist and shoulder straps (there are some versions that have either a tie waist or tie shoulder straps); they are used for front and back carries (there are some that can hip carry as well). SSCs are a good choice for someone who wants a quick carrier that doesn’t require long fabric or straps to deal with. The panel of most soft structured carriers is too wide to fit a newborn comfortably. There are some brands that offer inserts or an adjustable panel to allow baby to sit properly inside of the panel.

Mei Tai (MT)

Mei Tais are soft bodied carries with a tie waist and shoulder straps that come around baby and tie. They can be used for front and back carries (it is possible to hip carry with some MTs). Mei Tais are a good choice for someone who likes the adjustability of a wrap, but wants something slightly faster to get on. A Podaegi (pod) is a related carrier – basically a MT without waist straps. A Onbuhimo (onbu) is also similar to a MT but has rings at the waist instead of straps; the shoulder straps are threaded through these rings.