Personal Training

Personal Training Sessions Being fit and healthy before pregnancy combined with good prenatal care is the combination most likely to result in a healthy baby. Your body will adapt more quickly to pregnancy and you will cope better with pregnancy and labor if you are fit before conceiving. One hour training sessions catered to your [...]

Prenatal Fitness

Prenatal Exercise Coaching Regular exercise during pregnancy has been shown to improve the entire pregnancy experience for the mother & give the baby the very best foundation for a healthy life. For expecting moms at any stage, Safe and effective exercise to help physically prepare your body for the rapid changes that occur. Prenatal Consultations [...]

Postnatal Fitness

Postnatal Exercise Coaching Too many moms make the mistake of not doing the right kind of exercise after delivering and jump back into their pre-pregnancy routine, because they desperately want to lose the baby weight. The right kind of exercise program will safely rebuild your strength and lay the perfect foundation for success (including getting [...]